My Starting Motivation

At an early age, I discovered my passion for helping others through the use of computer systems. My first computer came preinstalled with Windows 98 when my parents bought it in 2003. In a poor community of the Dominican Republic, we were not connected to the internet. Instead, I had to rely on the installation of programs through diskettes and CDs. Through my childhood years I began to understand how computer systems work by taking different classes at local facilities and attending a technical High School. At the age of 16, we moved to the United States where I began a new journey.

Upon arriving in the United States and starting high school in 2010, I knew I needed to start developing my career. I started volunteering at El Centro Hispano in White Plains during my free time after High School. In the following year, El Centro Hispano gave me the opportunity to teach all of their computer classes. I greatly enjoyed teaching Hispanic adults, which led me to stay working for El Centro Hispano throughout High School and the beginning of College. While I was teaching, they would tell me how some of them have suffered from phishing emails, Vishing, and credit card theft attacks. Others even had their identity stolen while inputting sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the web. I felt their disappointment and understood their frustrations with our computer systems vulnerabilities, I began to realize something that would change my life. I wanted to help people and businesses protect their personal and financial information, and I wanted to dedicate my life towards securing computer systems and networks.

I believed I could reach this goal by becoming a Penetration Tester. A Penetration Tester is someone that dedicates his time towards exploiting systems and networks with the goal of later patching those found vulnerabilities. By looking at how cyber criminals operate, we can then start protecting systems. A Blue Team is an internal security team with the task of defending the networks and systems. A Red Team is a team of Penetration Testers brought in from the outside organization to test systems and networks security with techniques used by Cyber Criminals. Essential coordination and knowledge needs to be shared between Red Teams and Blue Teams to learn about latest techniques and keep computer systems protected by staying on the cutting edge. My piece of the pie is from the perspective of the Red Team. Through this website, I plan to share experiences that I obtain in the field of a Penetration Testing. You will find blog posts explaining different types of cyber attacks and tools that are utilized in the field. You are welcomed to share my content within your company’s Blue Team so that they can use this information of how a Cyber Criminal would attack computer systems and networks with the goal of protecting your own environment.


Westchester Community College – Associate’s degree in Cyber Security and Forensics

Pace University – BS in Information Security Assurance and Forensics


ISC2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA A+

OSCP (Pursuing)